Trieste and surroundings

  • Castle of Miramare

    Miramare Castle is surrounded by a flourishing park full of precious botanic species, and has a charming panoramic view, given its location on a cliff high above the sea.

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  • Castle of San Giusto
  • Trieste Botanical Gardens

    The Botanical Gardens are the property of the Municipality of Trieste and a part of the Civic Scientific Museums.

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  • Victory Lighthouse

    Vittoria Light (Faro della Vittoria) also known as the Victory Lighthouse, is an active lighthouse in Trieste, Italy, serving the Gulf of Trieste. It is located on the hill of Gretta (Poggio di Gretta), off the Strada del Friuli

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  • Politeama Rossetti

    Politeama Rossetti is an Italian theatre situated in the city of Trieste.[1] With over 60 shows scheduled each season, running from October to June, its stage shows include plays, musicals, ballet, dance and rock concerts.

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  • Grotta Gigante

    The exceptionally large size of the main underground chamber of the Grotta Gigante, situated near Borgo Grotta Gigante, in the municipality of Sgonico (Trieste), enabled it to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest show cave in 1995.

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  • The Rocca of Monrupino

    Monrupino is a municipality in the Province of Trieste in the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, located about 9 kilometres north of Trieste, on the border with Slovenia.

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  • Natural History Museum

    Civico Museo di Storia Naturale di Trieste is a natural history museum in Trieste, northern Italy. It contains several collections, including more than two millions botanical, zoological, mineralogical, geological, and paleontological specimens.

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  • Unity of Italy Square

    Piazza Unità d’Italia (Unity of Italy Square) is the main square in Trieste, a seaport city in northeast Italy. Located at the foot of the hill with the castle of San Giusto, the square faces the Adriatic Sea.

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  • Miramare Biosphere Reserve

    The Miramare Biosphere Reserve and Marine Reserve is situated about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) km from the city of Trieste on the Gulf of Trieste close to the Slovenian border.

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  • Gradin Natural Reserve
  • Giuseppe Verdi lyric theater

    The Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi is an opera house located in Trieste, Italy and named after the composer Giuseppe Verdi. Privately constructed, it was inaugurated as theTeatro Nuovo to replace the smaller 800-seat “Cesareo Regio Teatro di San Pietro” on 21 April 1801 with a performance of Johann Simon Mayr’s Ginevra di Scozia. Initially, the Nuovo had 1,400 seats.

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  • Val Rosandra
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