Natural History Museum

Civico Museo di Storia Naturale di Trieste is a natural history museum in Trieste, northern Italy. It contains several collections, including more than two millions botanical, zoological, mineralogical, geological, and paleontological specimens. The museum was opened as a zoological museum in 1846 with the name “Gabinetto Zoologico Zootomico” and set in Palazzo Biserini in Piazza Hortis in 1852, where has coexisted with the Civic Library and the literary museums until 2010. In 1855, under the protectorate of Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, the museum was renamed “Civico Museo Ferdinand Maximilian”.

Through many donations and as a result of several international expeditions (such as the Novara frigate), the museum has developed a range of exhibits. While keeping azoological address, it now has flora, geological, and paleontological specimens and a large library containing works in various languages. In 2010, the museum moved to the new headquarter in via Cumano (entrance from via dei Tominz 4), next to Civico Museo della Guerra per la Pace Diego de Henriquez, with whom is part of an only museum center.

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